Skiddaw Speckeldy
Skiddaw Speckeldy

Blencathra Black

Bewcastle Blue

Solway Star


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These lovely, busy little birds are ideal for anyone wanting to keep hens, be it in back garden or free ranging over a large area.

They are perch reared in this country to Freedom Foods and Lion Code standards with a comprehensive vaccination and blood testing programme.

They are bred to be prolific egg layers aswell as being strong, resilient  characters that are easy to handle.They eat less than the larger breeds making them more economical to keep.

Several breeds including Maran, Rhode Island, Sussex, Plymouth Rock, New Hampshire and Leghorn are used to create the different colours you see here.

These birds produce almost as many eggs as the traditional 'ginger' hybrid birds - 300+ per year- but are much more interesting to look at. 

With four different varieties to choose from, they will add a variety of  colour to your flock.

You can get to know them individually as each one will be different. They are incredibly quiet and easy to handle. They are happy to free range but will be equally happy confined to a run.

We get them  at 16 weeks old and they will start laying between 18 and 22 weeks of age.

We have named these birds relating to different places near to where we live they are not the name of their particular breed. 


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