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These lovely birds lay good numbers of eggs a year - up to 60 eggs.The laying season is roughly from mid February until end of June.They make good pets as well as fantastic lawnmowers ! They are full of character and can become very tame,especially if they are reared by hand. 

The Embden goose is a good all rounder.They are named after the German town of Embden where they are thought to originate from.
They are fast growing birds and therefore make exceptional table birds.If fed correctly they can reach weights of around 10 to 15kg.There laying ability very much depends on the stain of bird.Our birds are from a utility strain and so can lay up to 60 eggs a season which typically lasts from February to June.
The Embden is a pure white goose with orange bills and legs.One of the most striking features of the Embden goose is its beautiful ocean blue eyes.The ganders can be quite protective of the geese but if you let them know that you are the boss you shouldn't have any problems with them.They are the ultimate domestic goose