Cuckoo Marans

The Marans is a breed of hen originating in France.. It was developed in the town of Marans in the mid 1800s and  was one of the last breeds to be introduced to the UK, around 1930. Their dark brown eggs soon caught on and became very popular which led to English farmers breeding theMaran.There are several varieties of Maran including the Cuckoo, Copper Black, Blue, Wheaten and White.

The majority of the Marans we see today in the UK are the cuckoo , ranging from a very dark grey colour to almost silver. They have bright orange eyes and white legs. The body has good width with a broad, deep front and a tail that is carried high. The head has a single, upright comb. They will lay around 200 brown eggs a year.

Marans love to free range and will spend the day happily scratching for worms, bugs and seeds . They are a hardy bird and can tolerate extreme weather conditions.

About Our Birds -The Cuckoo Maran

As you can see from the photos our birds are lovely birds that lay very dark eggs. They are lively birds that can be a little flighty when younger but do settle down with age .We have sourced the parent stock of these birds from several breeders over the north west. We are delighted with the numbers of eggs they are producing and the eggs remain a lovely rich brown colour throughout their laying season. They are laying 200+ eggs per year.

These birds are top quality and if you want good numbers of beautiful dark brown eggs then these are the birds for you.They are real characters and will keep you entertained with the things they get up to.

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