Drinkers and Feeders

We are now selling a good selection of feeders and drinkers.We have tried and tested them all and have no problem recommending any of them to you.They come in lots of different sizes and designs to suit all flock sizes and locations. i.e indoor and outdoor,free ranging or contained in runs.

Below you will find a list of the products and brief discription and advice on where best to use them.We hope that it is helpful as we appreciate how difficult it is to choose the right equipment for your birds.

Please note - as a general rule food and drink should be kept outdoors but we do appreciate that it isn't always possible.If you do need to have your feeders or drinkers inside your poultry housing then they should be raised from the ground.This is to prevent pests such as rats and mice from reaching the food and also it stops the birds from scratching bedding into them.Drinkers whenever possible really should be kept outside.This is to stop the bedding inside the house from getting wet.Various bugs and nasties flurish in wet/damp conditions!!

All these products can be collected from our premises.As we have only just started this venture we don't offer any postage services or online payments  as yet but we are working on that right now.If you are interested in any of these feeders or drinkers then please get in touch and we can put one aside for you.


12kg Handy Feeder indoor version:

12kg Handy Feeder outdoor version:




These drinkers are extremely tough and durable.They have strong handles that are comfortable to hold when carrying.The two larger drinkers have feet attached which helps reduce the amount of dirt and debris getting into them by lifting them up from the ground.

Alternatively they can be hung up by their handles also giving clearance from the ground if you prefer.They are very easily cleaned and withstand temperature changes and the odd knock and bump !!


They come in three sizes.

3 litres                   £7.20        -    up to 6 hens

6 litres                  £10.40       -    up to 12 hens 

12 litres               £14.00          up to 20 hens



This feeder comes with rain hat,indoor lid,legs and anti-spill fins.It can be used indoors or outdoors.If you want to use it indoors we would recommend that you use the indoor lid as it stops the birds perching on the feeder and so preventing droppings getting into the food.It is a neat little feeder ideal when space is at a premium.


Whole Set                  £18.00



This feeder has an indoor version and an outdoor version.Both have the anti-spill fins and a handle inside for carrying.This handle also can be used to regulate the amount of food flowing into the feed trough by either screwing it up or down.Handle shown below.

The indoor version comes with an small cover to help prevent perching so keeping the food clean.It can be raised from the ground by hanging it from the handle or by attaching press-in feet if you prefer.

The outdoor version has a robust rain hat and four strong feet to raise it up from the ground.


Indoor Feeder                £18.00
Outdoor Feeder              £24.00



This is the  outdoor version for a medium to large flock of birds.It's British made and very sturdy.The flow of food can be regulated by moving the tube up and down.The feed trough has high sides to prevent the birds scatching the food out onto the floor.The rain hat simply lifts off to fill and it provides 100% protection from the rain.We have several of these feeders and we can guarantee that the food does stay completely dry.


25kg Feeder with rain hat   £30.00