Commercial Pullets

Our own free range pullets at 16 weeks

We sell brown commercial pullets which are all "little egg laying machines" The breed will depend on what is available at the time. They could be Hylines, Novo Brown,Lomans or Shavers.
All varieties of commercial pullets have been bred to be a tough, resilient layers that are easy to handle. They all lay lovely rich brown eggs which are a good size even through early lay.
The pullets are sold at 16+ weeks old which means they will be approximately 2 - 4 weeks from lay.This is an ideal age as they will have enough time to settle into their new homes before they start laying.They will be fully vaccinated.
They will suit the small back garden keeper as well as anyone who wishes to keep a small scale commercial flock.

Ordering and Delivery/Collection

  • Contact us by phone or email to let us know how many birds you want.We will need your name and telephone number.
  • The birds, whenever possible, will need to be collected on the day of delivery.We have monthly deliveries.
  • We can deliver the birds to you if you wish. The cost will be 60p/mile from here to your door  ie one way only.
  • Please remember to bring something to take the birds home in.You don't need anything special - a strong cardboard box will be fine.


These birds are bred commercially in very large numbers and therefore can be produced at a lower cost than our other hybrids.We keep our costs down by passing the pullets straight to the customer on the day of delivery therefore not having to feed and house them .This allows us to keep the prices very competitive.

Up-dated 6th July 2019


Quantity Price per Pullet

1 - 29


30 - 49


50 - 99


100 - 299



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