Poultry Housing

-We have managed to find a company that makes hen houses just the way we like them made.These houses are constructed from 12mm deep rebate shiplap cladding that is dip treated during construction in a nut coloured preservative.This makes sure that the wood treatment gets into all the nooks and crannies.

The roofs are clad with "onduline"  which are bitumen saturated, organic fibre corrugated sheets.This is ideal for poultry housing as it doesn't provide a haven for the dreaded red mite,unlike the traditional felt roofs. All the roofs are hinged,except those with built-in entrance doors.This makes the weekly clean- out much quicker and easier. Many of the houses have slide out floors which also helps no end with cleaning.

There are perches fitted in all the units as well as pop holes with vertical sliding doors.All the houses come with solid floors and the mesh used for ventilation slits and on the runs is 25mm square, 16 guage which is very strong.

Access into the external nest boxes is via the hinged lid which we feel is less intrusive to the birds than front access.These lids are now made from recycled plastic which makes them much more durable and 100% waterproof.The nest box lids and any hinged roofs have special catches for extra security.

We have tried to provide as much information about the houses available but if there is anything more you would like to know then please get in touch.

 Please be very careful when choosing your poultry housing as many available on the internet are of very poor design and quality. You can come and have look at our houses and see for yourself the high quality of build and the attention to detail in their design.



Aylesford Plus

                                                              Aylesford Plus







Cops and Free Standing Houses


The Stafford comes in three sizes.Hinged roof,slide out floor and external nest boxes all come as standard as well as the ramp to the pop hole.It is raised 15" from the ground.Shown here are the Standard and the Major.

Stafford Standard - up to 10 birds

Unit Size: w42" x d33" x 45"high max
( + 15" for nest box)

PRICE : £380.00


This is a raised house with slide out droppings tray and external nest box as standard.The underside of the house provides a weather proof area which can be used as a feed station or as shelter for the birds.This is acheived by the provision of a fixed rear panel and a removable side panel.It comes in three sizes.

Windsor Junior up to 6 birds

Unit Size : w37" x d32" x 54"high.

PRICE: £445.00

Windor Standard up to 12 birds

Unit Size : w42" x 46" x 52" high

PRICE :    £556.00

Windsor Major up to 20 birds

Unit Size :w70" x d46" x 65"high 

PRICE :   £779.00

Windsor Range Optional Extras: additional weather panel: £10.00

Portable Houses with Runs Attached

AYLESFORD PLUS for up to 5 birds

NOW WITH FURTHER UPGRADES FOR 2014. Improved specification. Greater value
Transport wheels, locking run top and slide-out floor/droppings tray all standard
Internal height of run 66 cm (26")
Baffled at ground level to give added protection
Very popular poultry house and run unit for use where it is necessary to contain stock, for example pure breeds or for use in the garden. 
Suitable for 4/5 standard size birds. (more if used for bantams)
Hinged roof allows easy access to house
Fitted handles for portability
One piece removable run top. 
Run top also slides away from house to access pop hole or add feed/water and locks in the closed position.
Fitted drop down pop hole door with hook and eye to hold open.
Removable perch rails #2
Ample ventilation

House 84 x 84 x 89 cm high max 
(w33"x d33"x 35" high)
With optional nest box add 38 cm (15") 
Run 190 x 89 x 66 cm high
(75"x 35"x 26" high)
Total length 297 cm (117")

PRICE :  £400.00
This price includes external nest box and end release and transport wheels.